GreenSmart Pots are the smarter way to grow.

GreenSmart Pots make growing vegetables and herbs simple. GrowGoodNZ Ltd is the NZ agent for GreenSmart Pots.  GreenSmart Pots are a self-watering potting system that is a marriage of style and function which tackles the economic, environmental and health challenges of the 21st century.

Listen to Bill McAulay explain how Growgood NZ GreenSmart pots work:

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why choose GreenSmart NZ pots?


  • Produce grows faster than conventional methods
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Significant water savings
  • Provides a cheaper, fresher and healthier alternative to store bought produce

Owners, Ruth and Bill McAulay, say: our company name, GrowGoodNZ Ltd, reflects our goal of enabling Kiwis to grow good food. We began using GreenSmart Pots™ while living in Melbourne. We were so impressed with their performance that in early 2012 we took up the NZ agency for GreenSmart Pots™ and formed our company GrowGood NZ Ltd.

I searched up ‘self watering planters NZ’ on google and yours was one of the options that popped up. Your website detail of how it works, diagrams and pictures are what sold me on purchasing from you over any others. 
I look forward to setting it up on my deck.

GrowgoodNZ supply pots to gardeners who share our passion for home grown produce and chemical-free foods. We also want to enthuse inexperienced gardeners searching for simple ways to grow organic foods. GrowGoodNZ is the only NZ supplier of GreenSmart Pots™.