Below are some videos about about Greensmart pots. Also helpful videos if you just got your own Greensmart pot and need some quick information about putting it together or how much water and dirt it holds they hold.

Whats so good about greensmart pots

Whats so good about greensmart pots?

A brief description about how plants grow fast in GreenSmart self watering garden pots. They are great for beginner gardeners.


What is wicking

What is wicking?

A short session about how the wicking process works with GreenSmart pots by using capillary action or osmosis to automatically provide the right amount of water to your plants.


Sizes and colours

Sizes and colours of Greensmart pots

GreenSmart pots are available in three colours : black (licorice), green and cream. There are two sizes – the larger pot holds one bag (40 litres) of potting mix and 12 litres of water in the reservoir. The smaller pot holds half a bag and 8 litres of water.


How long will the water last

How long will the water last?

An explanation about how long the water will last in the reservoir of a GreenSmart pot with discussion about plant types, time of year and size of plants.


What are greensmart pots

What are GreenSmart pots?

GreenSmart pots are self watering wicking pots with a water gauge. There are no moving parts. It is impossible to over water plants in them. They are ideal for gardeners with limited space, time or skills.


Benefits of greensmart pots

Benefits of greensmart pots?

The major benefits of using GreenSmart Pots: plants grow very fast, they are self watering, great for beginner gardeners. They are ideal for people with limited space like an apartment.