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Over the last 35 years we have gardened using conventional “spade in the soil” gardens, raised bed gardens and garden pots. We love being able to eat healthy, organically-grown produce direct from our own garden.

We returned to NZ late 2011 to live overlooking Cook Strait in Plimmerton, Wellington. The climate is as challenging as our experiences of living in high rise apartments in Shanghai and Melbourne during the serious water shortages.

We want to supply pots to gardeners who share our passion for home grown produce and chemical-free foods. We also want to enthuse inexperienced gardeners searching for simple ways to grow organic foods.

GrowGood NZ Ltd is the only NZ supplier of GreenSmart Pots™. In time we will add other enviromentally friendly gardening products to our range and would love to hear from you with suggestions and feedback. Let us know what you want.

Growing Tips

Every few weeks we send customers growing tips for planting a suitable seasonal vegetable or herb. They are aimed at both experienced green thumb gardeners and ‘new gardeners’. Here are a couple of samples: