Chilli Seeds are Hot This Summer

Chilli seeds or chili seeds ??  Never mind the spelling !! It seems that most Americans use “chili or chilies” and the rest of the world uses “chilli or chillies”. Here are some great ideas for helping you to successfully grow your own chillies from chilli seeds. Get … Continue reading

Growing ginger in containers

growing ginger

This is peak time for getting your garden cranking. Every year I like to try and grow a different plant. Two years ago I planted ginger and was amazed at how easy it was but also how juicy and great tasting the it was. So I hope that this inspires you to grow something different this spring Continue reading

Cabbage Growing GreenSmart Planters


Cabbage Growing Growing great cabbages requires a steady supply of moisture. Fortunately, GreenSmart pots are ideal for having a constant source of water. I like to grow mini cabbages like these ones:   Cabbages are not the sexiest of vegetables for many people and yet they are easy … Continue reading

Autumn planting in GreenSmart Planters

Autumn planting Autumn planting is often overlooked but as summer draws to a close we need to be planning ahead for late autumn and early winter harvesting. So clear out your summer crops, tip the soil out, clean up the GreenSmart planter and refill it with more potting … Continue reading

Growing Rock Melons in GreenSmart Pots

Growing Rock Melons Growing rock melons this summer!!. Here are some tips to help you get the best results from growing rock melons in a GreenSmart self watering planter. In ten to sixteen weeks you will be eating beautiful fragrant melons from your own garden. Rock melons are … Continue reading