Can these pots live happily outside?

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Hi there, I’m super keen to buy a couple of these from you and begin growing my own veges. I’ve tried to grow things before but not been too successful, tho’ its fair to say I’m considerably more motivated now, and really want to learn all I can to get to a point within a year or two where we’re really “living off the land”. Now, sorry if this is a dumb question but can these pots (and what’s planted inside them) live happily outside? Or are they made for a more of an indoor environment. We’re in Brooklyn, Wellington so the weather can be a bit random here. Some of the pics in your gallery show them outside but then other things I’ve read about these point allude to them being more suitable for an indoor space. Would love your help on this, and anything else you can share with me to help me make a real go of this gardening thing. I’m so excited about it and want to get things underway as soon as I can. Many thanks for your time, and again, sorry if these are dumb questions! (Am a real newbie at all this!)

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Yes GreenSmart pots can be used either inside or outside. Because they are self watering you won’t have to worry about them running out of water like other pot plants so are easy to grow outside.