Process of refreshing the potting mix.

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Hi there, I have 9 of your pots and am in the process of refreshing the potting mix.

I am finding that the potting mix is very compacted and wet and also that I seem to have a large worm population in them with some of the worms being as thick as my fingers.

I have just used a regular potting mix such as Dalton’s or Yates and then added in some compost as I planted etc.

Is this what you use or do you mix in something like vermiculite to make the mixture a little less compacted.

I have read your web page but can’t find any reference to anything other than potting mix.

ask bill

Thanks for the question.
As the soil is now compacted and too wet I suggest that you turn out each pot as the plants are finished. Turn the soil over in a wheelbarrow to aerate the soil and dry it out a little for a couple of days. Add more organic fertiliser to replenish the nutrients. Then plant again. You will be able to do this for 4-5 years.
Some people add a layer of perlite or vermiculite under the potting mix to increase aeration.
In our own pots we use a regular Dalton’s potting mix from Bunnings. We do add plenty of organic manures eg Yates Dynamic Lifter (chicken manure) or sheep pellets, blood and bone.

If you have got plenty of healthy worms in the pots then it sounds like you have got healthy soil.