Garden is literally just a few steps from the kitchen

“Last year I bought GreenSmart planters at the GoGreen Expo for my mother in Rarotonga. Mum is nearly 80 and it was becoming harder for her to garden the traditional way – but she loves her garden. So we built this balcony and I took over 4 planters at Christmas and then 3 more in May. Mostly the greens like Chinese cabbage have done best in them. But yesterday she wrote to say she dug out her kumara (an experiment) and she was so pleased because she said she got enough kumara for about 5 meals for one person. She will therefore plant kumara again.


When I was in Raro in May, most nights we collected fresh green leaves and various herbs (and a few little carrots and tomatoes) to make tasty and so fresh salads or stir frys. The garden is literally just a few steps from the kitchen area. So we are confident that mum’s health will be maintained with having such easy access to these fresh organic veges.”

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