Zuchini Growing Tips & Tricks


Zuchini Tips & Tricks  Introduction Zuchini – also called courgettes or marrows – are a really prolific vegetable to grow at home. Here are some tips and tricks for growing  zuchini in GreenSmart pots. The mature plants will take up quite a lot of space so allow room for 1.5 … Continue reading

Growing Capsicums in GreenSmart Planters

Growing Capsicums

Growing Capsicums (aka peppers or bell peppers) Capsicums and chilies belong to the same family. October to January are the best months for growing capsicums in New Zealand. The most important factor is warmth – they do best with soil temperatures above 15 deg C. There are lots … Continue reading

Growing Rock Melons in GreenSmart Pots

Growing Rock Melons Growing rock melons this summer!!. Here are some tips to help you get the best results from growing rock melons in a GreenSmart self watering planter. In ten to sixteen weeks you will be eating beautiful fragrant melons from your own garden. Rock melons are … Continue reading

Tips for growing rocket in a GreenSmart container

Growing Rocket – Plant Rocket Now Growing rocket – some simple tips for new gardeners and old hands.   Rocket is a fast growing plant with the young leaves having a mild peppery flavour and a stronger mustard taste when older.  The plants resemble an open lettuce but … Continue reading

Growing potatoes in GreenSmart pots

Growing potatoes, chitting pretty with a spudtacular vegetable for ‘no-dig’ gardening Potatoes are one of the most productive vegetables and if you don’t have much space they are easy to grow in a planter like a GreenSmartTM self-watering pot. You don’t plant seeds; you plant parts of potatoes. … Continue reading