Growing Rock Melons in GreenSmart Pots

Growing Rock Melons Growing rock melons this summer!!. Here are some tips to help you get the best results from growing rock melons in a GreenSmart self watering planter. In ten to sixteen weeks you will be eating beautiful fragrant melons from your own garden. Rock melons are … Continue reading

Tips for growing rocket in a GreenSmart container

Growing Rocket – Plant Rocket Now Growing rocket – some simple tips for new gardeners and old hands.   Rocket is a fast growing plant with the young leaves having a mild peppery flavour and a stronger mustard taste when older.  The plants resemble an open lettuce but … Continue reading

Tomato Plants in GreenSmart Containers

Tomato Plants Introduction Tomato plants are easy to grow from seed or from plants and because the mature plants need a lot of water, they are ideally suited to GreenSmart self watering planters. These planters can hold up to 12 litres of water in the reservoir…. far more than any … Continue reading

Growing beans growing tips

 Growing Beans in GreenSmart Pots  Tall Tales from Jack & the Beanstalk Growing beans epitomises why I love gardening. At this time of the year I always look forward to being able to pick and eat beans from our garden throughout the summer months. Garden fresh beans are … Continue reading

Growing potatoes in GreenSmart pots

Growing potatoes, chitting pretty with a spudtacular vegetable for ‘no-dig’ gardening Growing potatoes is one of the most productive vegetables and if you don’t have much space they are easy to grow in a planter like a GreenSmartTM self-watering pot. You don’t plant seeds; you plant parts of … Continue reading