Growing Mesclun in a GreenSmart Planter

Growing Mesclun Introduction   Growing mesclun is simple – mesclun is a great mix of baby salad greens with a combination of flavours, colours and textures. The idea of mesclun was created in the farmers markets of Provence, France in the mid 1970’s. Mesclun is made up of a … Continue reading

Growing ginger in containers

growing ginger

This is peak time for getting your garden cranking. Every year I like to try and grow a different plant. Two years ago I planted ginger and was amazed at how easy it was but also how juicy and great tasting the it was. So I hope that this inspires you to grow something different this spring Continue reading

Growing pumpkins in GreenSmart Pots

Growing Pumpkins Introduction Growing pumpkins gives you big results for small efforts. Pumpkin plants are like teenage boys: always hungry and they like to sprawl out so here are some great tips for growing pumpkins in planters. They need full sun and very rich soil. There are plenty … Continue reading

Plant pots for Spring Onions

Asian greens

Plant pots are a fantastic way of growing spring onions. Here’s an excellent method of creating great abundance for minimal effort. Let’s sort out some names –  these are all members of the alliums family and are either the same or similar: spring onions, scallions, bunching onions, shallots, … Continue reading

Herb garden growing tips for new gardeners

coriander for herb garden Auckland

Herb Garden I love having our own herb garden close to the kitchen. Here are some handy tips for creating your own herb garden in a GreenSmart pot. Most herbs require minimum fertility and are simple to grow. As herbs vary in their original country of origin, it … Continue reading

Plant Ideas for Lockdown Planting

Lockdown Planting During this lockdown, planting is easy to get underway with GreenSmart Planters. In addition there is a special offer at the end of the post. So if  you have a little more time and your plants have reached the end of their summer season here’s some … Continue reading