Autumn planting in GreenSmart Planters

Autumn planting

Autumn planting is often overlooked but as summer draws to a close we need to be planning ahead for late autumn and early winter harvesting. So clear out your summer crops, tip the soil out, clean up the GreenSmart planter and refill it with more potting mix and organic fertiliser.

Autumn planting in GreenSmart planters has the benefit of requiring almost no watering after you get the plants started as we are likely to have good autumn rains from now on.

These photos are of plants that I planted out two weeks ago.

autumn planting veges

Mini caulis and mini lettuce growing in a GreenSmart Planter


What can you plant in March ? Here are some ideas for autumn planting: kale, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, rocket, celery, mustard greens and silverbeet. You might wonder how many plants are in each pot? There are about 30 spring onions in one pot. Another pot has six celery and a couple of lettuce. There are six mini cauliflowers and two mini lettuce in one pot.


autumn planting – celery, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower

Autumn planting ahead of the GoGreen Expo – Special Offer

We wont be at the GoGreen Show in Auckland this year but do highly recommend getting there if you can. It is a tremendous event if you are interested in all things ‘green’. However, here is a special GoGreen offer that we will run from March 2 until March 31 2018. Five large GreenSmart pots for the price of four !! That is a saving of $85. This will enable you to get plenty of vegetables and herbs growing while we still have warm weather.



If you are not sure about how to grow your own crunchy celery in a GreenSmart planter then have a look at these growing tips. Celery loves plenty of organic fertiliser and hates to have the soil dry out, click here for more info.

Every year I like to try and grow a plant that I have not previously tried to grow. So how about trying mustard greens? Mustard greens are extremely easy to grow in GreenSmartTM pots all year round in most parts of New Zealand. They are fast growing (ready to start eating in 40-60 days) and add a nutritious zip to many Asian dishes.

Mustard greens handy tips for home gardeners

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