Cabbage Growing GreenSmart Planters

Cabbage Growing

Growing great cabbages requires a steady supply of moisture. Fortunately, GreenSmart pots are ideal for having a constant source of water. I like to grow mini cabbages like these ones:

Red cabbage

Cabbage growing – red


Cabbages are not the sexiest of vegetables for many people and yet they are easy to grow so here are some handy tips for growing cabbages in small spaces.

Growing cabbages in a GreenSmart pot

Cabbage Growing Conditions


Cabbages growing in a GreenSmart pot

If planting from seeds then use a small amount of seed-raising mix on the surface of the soil. Then sprinkle a small number of seeds and cover them with a very thin layer of seed –raising mix. Top off with a brief spay of water. It will only take a few days for the seedlings to emerge. Thin out the plants when they have four small leaves. I allow 6-8 plants per GreenSmart planter.

Check out the Kings Seeds catalogue for cabbage seeds.

Cabbage seedlings can be planted all year round in warmer parts of NZ but the best soil temperatures are 5 – 18 deg C. Make a deep hole and keep the tap root straight so the lower leaves are just above ground level. They will take 80 – 110 days to reach harvest size. Seeds can be planted from September to April. Try growing mini varieties as they take less time to reach harvest stage and are an ideal size for smaller families. Cabbages like sun, plenty of feed, good drainage, a little lime and shelter from wind.


Fertiliser for Growing Cabbages

Cabbages are gross feeders,ie they require large amounts of fertiliser so even in a garden pot you need to provide plenty of natural fertilisers like sheep manure pellets, blood & bone and compost. Add extra liquid fertiliser as the cabbages are starting to form hearts.


Pests and Diseases of Growing Cabbages

I use Yates Derris Dust on the cabbage plants when they are small to repel cabbage white butterflies from laying eggs and I apply it about once per week and then apply again after rain.

More details on this website


Cabbage growing

Beautiful red cabbages


To avoid a glut of cabbages later on, start harvesting as soon as the hearts begin to firm up.


Happy gardening – it’s good to grow,


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