Fish Fertiliser in Self Watering Pots

Fish Fertiliser

The first photo shows a 200 litre drum of brewing schnapper juice and the second photo shows a pot of herbs 13 days after planting in a GreenSmart Pot.

One of the many fantastic things about selling GreenSmart Pots is that we get all sorts of enthusiastic feedback from gardeners about how they use the pots and their results.

Here’s a description from Monty of Whangaparoa about Schnapper Juice fish fertiliser and how he uses it with GreenSmart self watering Pots


“I fill the drum with fresh water only, (gravity fed from a large water butt, by connecting a hose to both the taps) and put lots of schnapper frames immersed in fine net bags to retain all the bones and scales so that they may be removed to the rubbish collection in a few months time. I always add some brown sugar when I start a new drum to help fermentation. I have also added a bag of seaweed to the mixture.”


What about the odour? Does the fish fertiliser create a fowl smell in your GreenSmart self watering pots reservoir?

 “ I usually leave it for a couple of months, to cook. The drum must be ‘hermetically sealed’ because if the lid is left off it is real bad. My drum is beside the house and my wife does not smell it, but from there I do fill a gallon can (with a cap) and take it to my watering position.

I was told the other day that because the drum is sealed – no gases escape everything is absorbed into the juice and also decomposition is complete whereas this does not activate as well with the oxygen present.


 I add a good cupful of ‘schnapper juice’ to the watering can (minus its rose) when I fill your GreenSmart self watering Pots with water.


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