Seaweed fertiliser


 Seaweed fertiliser Garden Booster made from invasive seaweeds in the Marlborough Sounds.

Seaweed Fertiliser Organic Garden Booster For Home Gardeners

Seaweed fertiliser produced by Waikatu from 100% wild harvested and processed seaweed to create completely natural foliar bio-stimulant and soil conditioner. NZBioActiveTM  is extracted exclusively from brown algae Undaria Pinnatifida which is classified as invasive seaweed. This makes it one of the most effective and ecologically responsible organic plant nutrient suspensions available. It has a stimulative affect on plants, especially during early growth and periods of stress such as drought, heat, pest pressure or frost. It stimulates cell division, root formation and improves fruit size. It is also indicated for use to lessen transplant stress. International research confirms usefulness of brown seaweed like Undaria in improving soil microbial activity which leads directly to better plant health. Waikaitu NZBioActiveTM Topsoil Activator comes in liquid form and can be used both for root and foliar application. 
This seaweed fertiliser is ideal for GreenSmart pot gardeners who wants the best quality fruit,vegetables and herbs that are healthy and organic. 
Simply dilute at a rate of 1:100 ie 100 ml garden booster per 1o litres of water in the water reservoir or spray onto your plants at the same rate of 1:100mls water. 
A one litre bottle of seaweed fertiliser will make up 100 to 200 litres after dilution.

Waikaitu Garden Booster is a 100% Organic, BioGro Certified  extract of Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed, harvested in Marlborough Sounds New Zealand and provides a full range of natural compounds and trace elements. It can be used on any plant to boost health, nutrition and growth rates.

    • BioGro – Organic Certification as Fertiliser Input number BG5467
    • New Zealand made – Made only with New Zealand seaweed, using only non-native invasive seaweed Undaria Pinnatifida
    • Security of Supply – Waikaitu is one of the largest producers of organically certified seaweed fertilizer in NZ
    • Systemic – Maximises the health of your entire crop, roots, stems, leaves and fruit
    • Multipurpose – Great for all plants, fruits, vegetables and grasses.
    • Economical – makes 75 litres of spray
    • Bioactive – made from fresh seaweed not dried to retain higher levels of plant hormones and nutrients
    • Stimulates enzymatic activity
    • Improves pest and disease resistance
    • Provides 71 key fertilising elements
    • Facilitates plant nutrient uptake and efficiency – unlocks nutrients from existing fertiliser and makes them bio-available to plants means reduced fertilizer usage.Contains very little phosphorous and nitrogen so can be used on natives
    • Will not materially change the pH of soil
    • Improves flowering and fertility
    • Safe around pets and children
    • Can be sprayed together with other soluble fertilisers
    • Apply at any time of the year
    • Helps lessen transplant shock
    • Develops healthier roots
    • Improves nutritional and taste qualities of plants
    • Beneficial to bees when sprayed on leaves and flowers of plants

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