wedding anniversary gift greensmart pots

Wedding anniversary gift giving problems are solved.If you want to give a wonderful  wedding anniversary day gift then have a look at these amazing GreenSmart pots. The GreenSmart pot is a self watering system developed during droughts in Melbourne as a means of conserving water and helping people who are short of time or space or skills.
They are a perfect gift for anyone celebrating a wedding anniversary – irrespective  of  age and gardening skills.

wedding anniversary gift

home grown basil for wedding anniversary gift

The pots are very simple to assemble as seen in this you tube link.

If you are looking for a wedding anniversary gift for an enthusiastic foodie then check out these pots. They are perfect for busy people who are keen to be able to afford to eat great fresh herbs and vegetables. Maybe they don’t know much about gardening? No problem. GreenSmart pots make gardening incredibly easy for inexperienced gardeners because the plants are able to easily determine how much water they require. Also we supply regular gardening tips for gardeners to gain skills. The pots can even be shifted when they shift house. Maybe one of these pots will be the beginning of a life- long love of gardening.

Gift vouchers for a wedding anniversary gift

Let us know what you have in mind and we will do the rest. You will find gift vouchers on our website with multiple unit values of $20, $50 and $100. Let us know how many vouchers you would like to spend and we will make up your wedding anniversary gifts to the required value. Just give us the required delivery address. We will even send a card with the pots with your own greetings on it

GreenSmart pots are perfect gifts for older gardeners. We talk with a lot of older folks who have been keen gardeners in the past and love gardening. However, many find it more difficult to do the physical work of digging and bending down to ground level. GreenSmart pots can be raised up off the ground so the older gardener does not have to bend. No digging, no bending, no weeding and very little watering. How simple is that!!

Why not surprise your partner with a growing gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

These pots also appeal as great gifts for passionate environmentalists because:

  • This style of gardening conserves water and fertilisers.
  • The plastic is all approved by US Food and Drug Administration as being suitable for food contact. They do not contain any recycled plastic that has potential to contaminate your food.
  • It is extremely easy for anyone to very quickly grow their own organic foods.
  • The plastic is resistant to UV degradation.

These are great as a wedding anniversary gift for foodies too. Most food enthusiasts want to eat fresher and more nutritious vegetables and herbs. GreenSmart pots make a perfect gift for foodies because it is so simple to grow and harvest their own home-grown foods.

Growing gifts – give a couple of these pots already planted out with the recipient’s favourite herbs. It only takes three weeks to establish most herbs in GreenSmart pots. The recipient will be amazed to receive a herb garden that is close to being ready to harvest.

Other features and benefits

Funky gifts Growing smarter self watering system

Cross section of GreenSmart pot

The pot has a water reservoir that harvests and holds 12 litres of water in the larger pot and 8 litres in the smaller pot.

The water level indicator gives a very simple visual check on the water level in the reservoir.

Insects cannot get into the water because of cross hatches on the water overflow points and a hinged lid on the water level indicator.

It is impossible to over water plants.

There is a cushion of air under between the potting mix and water reservoir – this provides aeration to the roots.

The pot has a very simple method for wicking water up out of the reservoir to the roots of the plants. Plants draw water at the rate they require water rather than when the gardener decide or remember to water their plants.

Plants grow faster than in a traditional garden.

GreenSmart pots can be used either inside or outside.

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wedding anniversary gift

GreenSmart pots in black, cream and green

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