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Why use GreenSmart ‘Self Watering Pots’ ?

For a start, GreenSmart pots mean less work for you because they require less attention when it comes to watering. Perfect if you have to go away on a short holiday. Secondly, they take away the risk of under-watering or over-watering. They are low maintenance, easy to use and work brilliantly where space is at a premium: such as a flat or on a boat. Plus, much more …

What they do

  • Water reservoir under the plants
  • Water sight glass
  • Self watering wicking device
  • Water over flow holes
  • Aeration holes
  • Stylish pot design
  • Perfect pot size
  • Plants grow fast & healthily
  • Low maintenance & care
  • 3 colours: black, green, cream
  • Plastics suitable for food contact
  • Two sizes: 40 litres and 20 litres
  • Growing Tips and advice

Benefits to you

  • Less frequent watering. No water wastage
  • No guessing about decision to water or not
  • Plants automatically draw water up to the roots
  • No risk of flooding plants after heavy rain
  • Provide air to plant roots
  • Look smart around your house
  • Suitable for elderly and young gardeners
  • Easy to establish organic garden
  • Takes very little time
  • Darker colours absorb more heat
  • Food safety
  • Small pots are most suitable for limited spaces
  • Help new gardeners to be successful

Listen to Bill McAulay explain how GreenSmart pots work:


This style of gardening relies heavily on having plenty of natural nutrients in the potting mix. We know that many people don’t have a selection of organic fertilisers so we supply pre-packs of the right size for 12 months growing. The packs contain blood & bone, dolomite, lime and Yates Dynamic Lifter (mostly chicken manure and seaweed). We also supply liquid seaweed ready to add directly into the water reservoir.

GrowGood Shopping Cart

I will be on holiday Dec 24- Jan 23 so any orders placed during this time will be dispatched late January.

How to use our online Shopping Cart:

1. A limit of 5 large pots and 5 small pots can be made per order.

  • This is because of the weight + cost of freight per order.

2. If you want to order more than the limit: please create a new order.

  • Each order is limited to 5 large pots and 5 small pots.

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