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Why use GreenSmart ‘Self Watering Pots’ ?

For a start, GreenSmart pots mean less work for you because they require less attention when it comes to watering. Perfect if you have to go away on a short holiday. Secondly, they take away the risk of under-watering or over-watering. They are low maintenance, easy to use and work brilliantly where space is at a premium: such as a flat or on a boat. Plus, much more …

What they do

  • Water reservoir under the plants
  • Water sight glass
  • Self watering wicking device
  • Water over flow holes
  • Aeration holes
  • Stylish pot design
  • Perfect pot size
  • Plants grow fast & healthily
  • Low maintenance & care
  • 3 colours: black, green, cream
  • Plastics suitable for food contact
  • Two sizes: 40 litres and 20 litres
  • Growing Tips and advice

Benefits to you

  • Less frequent watering. No water wastage
  • No guessing about decision to water or not
  • Plants automatically draw water up to the roots
  • No risk of flooding plants after heavy rain
  • Provide air to plant roots
  • Look smart around your house
  • Suitable for elderly and young gardeners
  • Easy to establish organic garden
  • Takes very little time
  • Darker colours absorb more heat
  • Food safety
  • Small pots are most suitable for limited spaces
  • Help new gardeners to be successful

Listen to Bill McAulay explain how GreenSmart pots work:


This style of gardening relies heavily on having plenty of natural nutrients in the potting mix. We know that many people don’t have a selection of organic fertilisers so we supply pre-packs of the right size for 12 months growing. The packs contain blood & bone, dolomite, lime and Yates Dynamic Lifter (mostly chicken manure and seaweed). We also supply liquid seaweed ready to add directly into the water reservoir.

We are currently unable to supply your orders until we once again have supply of all components of the GreenSmart Planters.

How to use our online Shopping Cart:

1. A limit of 5 large pots and 5 small pots can be made per order.

  • This is because of the weight + cost of freight per order.

2. If you want to order more than the limit: please create a new order.

  • Each order is limited to 5 large pots and 5 small pots.

Please select the number of pots you require and click ‘Add to Cart’ below.

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