Residential Gardening

Grow fresh herbs and vegetables in your own house, flat or apartment.

In today’s busy world it is hard to find time for growing and maintaining vegetable gardens. We remove all those barriers. Our pots employ a clean, modern design that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and also versatile enough to fit in almost any space.

Commercial Gardening

Our pots are perfect for commercial production of vegetables, herbs and flowers. In-ground plants have continuous problems with soil erosion, increased fertiliser requirement and loss of water through run-off. With us there is no dependency on land fertility – any area can be transformed into productive land.

It allows you to mix your potting medium to your specifications. Fertiliser never leaves the container. There is no soil erosion, and no water loss through the elimination of run-off. Produce receives constant water access allowing optimal growing conditions. All this has the capacity to dramatically increase the yield of conventional crop techniques in a much shorter period of time.

GreenSmartĀ pots gives the grower the choice of easily producing organic vegetables. The self-contained system eliminates the preparation period usually required to certify fields for organic production, as well as the need to rotate crops. As each pot is a self-contained system transition periods required for traditional cultivation are irrelevant.

Benefits to gardeners:

  • Transform unused land
  • Maximise return per hectare
  • Save water
  • Better quality
  • No run-off
  • No soil erosion