Growing in GreenSmart pots in Wellington

Here’s some comments from Meena of Wellington:
“After my first year of using GreenSmart Pots, this spring I’ve been straight back in there to invest in more. I love how they allow me to maximise my steep section with few options for open gardening in a really efficient way. I’ve tested crops grown in GreenSmart Pots and my few open garden spots – and they always produce better crops. In fact I grew the best capsicums in our neighbourhood last year in my GreenSmart Pots! It’s great how I can add juice from my worms into the water and know that none of the goodness will be wasted. I also like how I can move the pots given I live in a valley and the access to sun can vary a lot across the year.
Keep up the great work.”

I talked with Meena at City Market.She had bought the pots last year at California Home & Garden Centre in Miramar. It is a great place for keen gardeners.


She also recomended this website for gardeners

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