I love our 20+ GreenSmart pots

GreenSmart pots

GreenSmart pots…At one of the recent spring Home & Garden Shows we talked with Keith who purchased GreenSmart pots in 2012. He was extremely enthusiastic about his pots for herbs, veges and fruit. This is what he has written to us: “Thanks for the opportunity to provide a testimonial. I’ve just come in from planting 60+ plants. I love our 20+ GreenSmart pot as they are simple to set up, easy care and portability are the attraction for me. I’ve had great results, as have family members and friends. I am happy to recommend this product to others based on the experiences of friends, family and me. We’ve grown (glass house and outdoors) all manner of herbs, with some coming on again for the second season. and vegetables: Broccoli, cauli, cabbage, broad and round beans, peas, silverbeet , beetroot, carrots, all manner of lettuce, spring onions, radishes. Also fruit: Rhubarb, Berries, 3 dwarf citrus trees, chilies, tomatoes” – cheers Keith

small box dimensions

funky gifts

greenSmart pots in black, cream and green

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