Micro-greens, herbs, lettuces, tomatoes in GreenSmart Pots

Here is what Claire from sunlive.co.nz  inTauranga recently said to us about GreenSmart Pots:

“I have several GreenSmart Pots which I use in rotation. The GreenSmart Pot system got me into gardening and I love it!. I have little patience and have not had much success with gardening, but I was totally amazed when I followed the easy instructions, planted my micro-green seeds and within 7-10 days I was eating produce.

I now have conveniently positioned at my backdoor 4 pots, 2 for micro-greens, 1 for my herbs and 1 for my lettuces.

The great thing about the pots is during the summer months they hold enough water to last around 10 days, so if you go away or have a particularly hot day you don’t come back to drooping plants. The system worked really well for tomatoes, (despite being told by my husband that there was no way they would grow in that much soil).

GreenSmart Pots are ideal for small areas, or for convenience, no bending down, no weeding, and it is easy to add liquid fertiliser. In winter I just place a piece of twin wall over the top to act as a mini greenhouse. The great thing is when you get home late you can still just go to the back door and pick your veges, summer or winter.”

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