Seaweed fertiliser

seaweed fertiliser for growing brocolli

 Seaweed fertiliser Garden Booster made from invasive seaweeds in the Marlborough Sounds. Seaweed Fertiliser Organic Garden Booster For Home Gardeners Seaweed fertiliser produced by Waikatu from 100% wild harvested and processed seaweed to create completely natural foliar bio-stimulant and soil conditioner. NZBioActiveTM  is extracted exclusively from brown algae … Continue reading

10 best beneficial insects in NZ gardens

10 best beneficial insects   Here’s an interesting article about beneficial insects around your garden. It’s written by Ruud Kleinpaste in the NZ Gardener magazine.If you get a chance to hear him speak, grab it. He is a fantastic communicator about the place of bugs in our world. … Continue reading

Planter Box and how to use it for celery

A planter box is a great way to grow celery. Growing celery in a planter box is a great challenge which makes it all the more rewarding. The crisp clean taste of eating your own organically grown celery bears no resemblance to the chemically-pumped up supermarket varieties. Conditions … Continue reading

Self watering planters

growing scheme 3

Self watering planters. What are they? I get a lot of gardeners asking me to describe the workings of self watering  planters. In recent years there has been a huge resurgence of interest in home gardening and this has resulted in non-traditional gardeners exploring alternatives to traditional “spade-in-the-ground” gardening. … Continue reading

Fish Fertiliser in Self Watering Pots

Funky gifts Growing smarter self watering system

One of the many fantastic things about selling GreenSmart Pots is that we get all sorts of enthusiastic feedback from gardeners about how they use the pots and their results. Here’s a description from Monty of Whangaparoa about Schnapper Juice fish fertiliser and how he uses it with GreenSmart … Continue reading